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Re: [ProgSoc] find process in linux

> > My linux (debian 2) machine quite frequently starts upa a 'find' process
> > with owner 'nobody'. This slows the system down considerably for quite a
> > while. Anyone have any ideas what this is,and if I should take steps to
> > stop it happening (and how one would do this)?
>  Ahh.. Debian.  Good man.  :)
>  I suspect that it's the updatedb utility.  Every day, though it
>  should be, I thought, about 6:30am, updatedb will launch (check
>  your /etc/cron.tab and/or /etc/cron.daily/ directory), and go
>  through your entire set of file systemS (!), and collate a nice
>  little flat database of your filenames.

If you don't use the locate command and you want to stop it
from doing the scan then cd to /etc/cron.daily and remove the file
called ``find''. You can also move this file into /etc/cron.weekly
if you do want it to scan but not every day.

For the MS-Windows users out there, this is called giving the user
control over their machine. If you don't like what you have, you
have the ability to change it.

>  inclusions, I didn't notice immediately that my little P75 at work
>  was trying to examine about a dozen 4gig Netware3 boxes, all at
>  the ends of 64k links in different countries - trez embarrassing. :)

Now and then I leave a netware directory mounted and it scans
the whole of wildthing, oh well, it's only local UTS bandwidth at
6:30, no one has come chasing me about it. The PRUNEFS line in
/etc/updatedb.conf is supposed to be able to prevent scanning of remote
mounts but the ncpfs is not there by default.

	- Tel

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