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Re: [ProgSoc] X programming and internet compression

On 17 Dec, James Wan wrote:
> Yup,
> they have written a thing called Eterm which is way better than Xterm,
> Eterm can be run on anything including Windoze 95. But obviously since the
> windows manager is not enlightenment they lack the potential to show off
> Eterm's features such as transparency, funky backgrounds etc.
> Also other widgets include Esound and stuff, its all there at
> Enlightenment.org. So i guess no one has had a play of it yet??


Eterm's not a widget, it's an application. Esounds' not a widget, it's
a sound server. Eterm doesn't run on Windows machines (it's an
X application), but it will compile for a number of Unix flavours and
will work with any window manager. Check out

A widget is a graphical control, such as a pushbutton, slider, or text
box. As far as I know, there are not Enlightenment-specific "widgets"
except the ones used to control the window manager itself. Therefore
the only applications likely to make use of them would be those which
configure Englightenment.

Enlightenment uses other libraries (for example Imlib) but these are
independent of Englightenment. They don't provide widgets, they provide
services such as image loading (imlib). Programs that require these
libraries will run on any window manager, providing the library is

Nicholas (wzdd@nospam.tig.com.au; njfitzro@nospam.socs.uts.edu.au)

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