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Re: [ProgSoc] Linux rescue disk probs

> I have a problem with my rescue image on my linux boot floppy.
> I get an "Unable to open an initial console" after the ramdisk has been
> loaded.
> I assume that the reason I get the message is that there are no tty
> devices in /dev on the floppy.

sounds like a reasonable guess. Getting a linux command prompt
out of a boot floppy should be an FTM question. Once the FTM source
goes online under GPL, I might do some work on it.

My personal method is as follows:

* make a Debian rescue disc from the file resc1440.bin and
  either the dd program under unix or rawrite2.exe under something
  that runs .exe files

* boot up and follow along the install procedure until you at least
  have keyboard and monitor under control

* hit F2 then hit ENTER

* make directories under /mnt for whatever I want to mount up

* use the mount command with full parameters (no /etc/fstab)

* go in and fiddle whatever

* unmount everything

* reboot

If you are a RedHat devotee, you can get a prompt out of a RedHat
install disc but only after it has found the CDROM and entered
``second stage''. Mind you I haven't used RedHat lately so things
might be different. Under RedHat you get nothing in /dev except
the absolute minimum so you need to look at /proc/devices and
then use mknod -- it's a pain, use the Debian floppy instead.

> If I want to actually use the rescue image on the floppy (as opposed to
> the image with loads linux from the hd) do I need to manually add extra
> devices, binaries and/or users to the floppy before it's usable?

If you just want to boot the kernel image off the floppy and you
know that your hard disc has a reasonable root file system on it
then you can usually specify ``root=/dev/hda1'' or similar at the
boot prompt from the floppy (after the name of the image, which
is ``linux'' for the debian floppy). How it resolves the device name
here to a device number is some tricky thing but it should work for
most devices.

	- Tel

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