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Re: [ProgSoc] UTS ISP

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Telford Tendys wrote:

> > Anyway it's fine to know how to write a CLI command that spans a whole
> > line, but I'd much rather spend my computer time making/producing things
> > external to computers, y'know? 
> Learn to use the alias command or bash shell functions.
> Extensability, y'know?

I just meant how to "know" how to write them in the first place!  :)

> I have better things to do with my time than dragging a mouse through
> three layers of menu or clicking through four or more layers of options
> setting screens so I can find some setting I'm trying to change.

Yep, if you're using a computer because you're a computer expert.

Hmmm, reminds me of a Douglas Adams quote:  Telephone nerds use telephones
to talk to other people about telephones.  Computer nerds use computers to
talk to other people about computers.

> make any progress toward understanding. The basic phillosophy of MS-Windows
> is `pay your money, do what we tell you, and stop thinking for yourself'.
> At this point I say, `Hey, that's not for me' and I feel that it isn't
> the sort of thing that Progsoc should stand for either.

Well yep.  It's a very odd market dominance / brand-choice combination
that drives Wintel, isn't it?

> >  Remember I.S. where each
> > child needed a parent: "It's imposing restrictions on the real world!" <g>
> Ummm, can't say I undesrtand this reference.

Quickly ... a data link from a child had to go from the child node to the
parent node.  Until we realise it was wrong to assume this necessity and
impose this restriction.  That is, unless you =want= to impose this
restriction on the real world.  ;)

> > Ironically, if the SOHO user is =not= using any software that's not by
> > Microsoft then the Mac will suit them fine. 
> The difference between a PC-Win95 machine and a Mac is small indeed
> (unless the Mac is running Linux :-)

IMO the Mac is by far easier to troubleshoot.  Win95 has a lot more
desirable features now than Win3.1, but too much of it is now undocumented
and who doesn't rely on uninstallers or full reinstalls?

> > <salute>  Yes Comrade.
> > (must be Redhat?)
> Now why is it that our society has come to a point where helping another
> human is considered a suspicious and despicable act? Explain the evil that

Sorry, smiley required ... I take it all back.  :)


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