Re: [ProgSoc] questions

Matt Estela (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 01:04:48 +1100

> 1.
> i want to create some audio (midi,wav,au,etc.) files using music from a
> how would i be able to do a decent job of it?

Everyone seems to be in a tizz over binary transferrs. According to the
author of a really nice win95 program called easyCD (I think) which does
nothing but binary reads, there are certian cd-rom brand names that won't
do the reads, especially ones made by fujitsu. I know that with my creative
drive, I get this error. When easyCD tries to read from the cd it hangs
with the error 'drive not ready'. This is because for these makes of drive
they make the assumption that a read from an audio cd must be in audio
format. Because the program is waiting in vain for a binary transfer to
begin, I get that error.

What gave me the shits was that my semi-pricey name-brand drive couldn't do
it, yet my cousins direct-off-the-boat-from-taiwan-50-buck-special did it
happily. Shit.

> Windows 95. how do i change that stupid screen at the beginning/end? i
> think it's called the "splash screen" or something like that. i know that
> they exist as logo.sys, logos.sys and logow.sys, but how do i make
> files into them?

Someone recommended using XrX, I wouldn't bother, there's a better (and
free) program to be found at the PC magizine website, do a search for
'logomania'. It will let you do those funky pallette-switch animations.
According to something else I read the animation isn't as clear cut as just
using the first 16 colours, MS decided to use some weird-ass format which
you can copy with a hex editor, or better yet, just get one of the above


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