Re: [ProgSoc] questions

Matt Estela (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 01:14:29 +1100

> You do not need an MP3 encoder to produce wav or au files. What you need
> is a sound conversion utility. I'd recommend Cool Edit
> or a file I once found called convert2 which in on my web page:

'spose I should point out that the best _player_ on the planet is WinAmp,
it's freeware, has bitchin sound quality, can write back to .wav files, and
has the funkiest interface on the planet this side of protraker1.0 (GO THE

Find it at, as well as anything else you might need pertaining
to computer audio. I should do a plug for analogic (also at the site), it's
an analog keyboard emulator that runs in real-time in DOS. It has a built
in rudimentary effects (delay, reverb etc), and is just tha shit. You know
that squelchy moog sound in 'voodoo people'? That hardcore kick-drum sound
for Atari Teenage Riot? That big-ass bass of george clinton (later stolen
by snoop doggy dog et al)? The just plain weird stylings of kraftwerk? All
those sounds (and more) are to be found within analogic. Download it, it's
around 200k, it's free, it has knobs and sliders, and is just too cool.


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