Re: multimedia degree at UTS

Iain Sinclair ((no email))
Mon, 19 Feb 1996 09:46:51 +1100 (EST)

> Iain asks:
> >Can you tell me how programming in "C" is the same as, say, designing
> >a brochure - not in terms of "aims and methods" bullshit, but in terms
> >of structure, form, reflexivity, temporality, and efficiency?
> - even though
> >Asking questions is good - but not in the university context,
> >unless you want to waste your time.

The "question" (well, only a simpleton would take it as such, when it
is obviously polemic) did not come from a university context; rather, it
came from my office in the real world.

> >There are very few such people, and
> >few of those would want much to do with universities
> - even though they don't seem to work in *industry*, because
> >Market forces don't
> >proscribe [sic] quality. Most people are content with mediocrity, which is
> >why television and radio makes money. No room for bright sparks there.

"[sic]"? Indeed, market forces do not proscribe quality - nor do
they prescribe it - which is not to say that quality does not arise
within a context governed by market forces. On the other hand,
universities prescribe education and knowledge, and often fail
to deliver.

What else would you like to misunderstand?

 Iain Sinclair