TFM on the Web

Joshua Graham Pitcher ((no email))
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 08:44:43 +1100 (EST)


Some ideas...

1. In the early days of SMH computers online, users had to register to
access the pages (ie login and password). Is this hard to implement??

2. Every progsoc member had access to ftoomsh, so why not make the TFM
pages accessible from ftoomsh only?

3. The core of TFM needs to be developed platform-independantly, otherwise
the two publications will undoubtably become different. Could we
sacrifice some of the fancy formatting in the printed version and use
converters as outlined elsewhere? Another option would be to have
all chapters submitted as text only, then have two formatting teams -
the Web team and the printed team - to produce the finished
documents. Most commercial magazines are created this way, and
provided the two teams are adequately breifed on format and style,
the results should be quite similar yet perform the best for their

I would be happy to help with the web implementation.