Re: cgi no longer working?

Roland John Turner (
Sun, 19 Nov 1995 12:10:20 +1100 (EST)

daedalus wrote:

> i was all set with my counter working nicely, only now it seems
> that the cgi interface is no longer interfacing. Similarly, a simple
> command present in, i think, html v1.0 also no longer works. This is
> running from my ftoomsh account, and I hadn't changed anything. It has
> done this, seemingly spontaneously. I checked my .html file and can see
> no changes which would affect it.
> These are the commands I am trying to use:
> <!--#flastmod file="index.html" -->
> and
> <!--#exec cgi="counter" -->
> Any ideas as to why this has stopped working?

No idea. The httpd config doesn't appear to have changed.

- Raz

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