Re: One way of ignoring mail from someone

Dennis Clark (
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 16:34:20 +1000 (EST)

In previous mail, Dennis Clark wrote:
> In previous mail, Sammy Yousef wrote:
> >
> > To the rest of the list - can anyone tell me now that we can't filter
> > email how I can automatically remove messages from certain ppl from my
> > mailbox without viewing them?

[My rant of elm filter deleted]

Heh. Trust me to not read the question properly. It seems you already
had an idea of elm filter, and knew of the disabling of .forward in

The problem with filtering after the mail has been delivered is that
since filter is, well, a filter, it cannot put its output back into its
source, ie. your incoming mailbox (its the same reason why
"sort < file.txt > file.txt" won't work). Filtering to a second mailbox
and deleting the old contents will work, but unless you are careful
you may lose mail which arrives while you are filtering your mailbox.

Perhaps you should forward all your mail to your ProgSoc account and
filter it there. Alternatively, use could always use drop Elm or Pine
and use MH instead *evil cackle*

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