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> I am not suggesting that we design a shirt that says
> "I am a Nerd, I love my Computer." etc
> I am saying that having a T-Shirt that has a purple elephant (insert arty
> decor) with floral flares, while being representative of some, does not
> intrinsically represent the club. Sure have funny stuff, take out
> references to Microsoft but make sure that it says something about what
> we do!
> No the question is "What do we do?"

Maybe we should just print the last 200 emails posted to progsoc
onto some T-shirts, that way we can show everyone exactly what we
seem to spend most of our time doing...

I think the safest thing to do is come up with a design that is
completely incomprehensible so every single individual among us
with an opinion will be 100% correct about their interperetation
of what and who it represents and how correct it may or may not be.