Tue, 22 Aug 95 21:59:51 EDT

*** Reply to note of 08/23/95 11:45
From: Peter Meric +61-2-353-3889 DP13
Project Assistant - IT Consulting
ISSC Australia
Subject: Re: SoCS DOOM II?

I don't see the big deal about Descent... we're not making a big deal
about Doom, but you seem to think that Descent is *much* better, which
it is not...

As for the SOCS wad, a lot of time and effort was put into that, and
I think we all agree that it is the best wad with which to play SocsDOOM.
It's a good deathmatch level, and it's in familiar surrounds... if you
find a better all-round deathmatch level, let us know.

Descent and its "3D" is merely a cheap trick to attract people - Doom
(and Quake?) will outlast it...

If adding a third dimension to a game is meant to make it better, what
happened to Heretic? It's a joke! Sure, I can hear you now... "What about
Descent? It has true 3D etc etc etc".