Re: Cretinous decision to castrate ftoomsh (fwd)

Philip Shead (
Thu, 18 May 1995 00:23:24 +1000 (EST)

Iain Sinclair mumbles..
> It is not good enough for me to tell hundreds of FAQ readers that "progsoc
> screwed up". Members should reasonably expect these basic services to not

is that generated at everyone in progsoc? or just the executive or the
mindless users who are mistreating the system?

> be conditional on the IRCings of mindless brats.
> I understand that egos may have been involved with the decision to cut
> off ftoomsh - that's OK, just uninvolve them, everyone makes mistakes,

where and how does ego come into it? Its not like we have a choice, or is
it you and J have a persecution complex.

> we sympathise; but keeping it off the net "indefinitely" is going to
> make things much worse.

I agree, "indefinitely" is too long. I think there should be an agree
upon time that ftoomsh can be brought back onto the net. However a lot
of issues have to be resolved before that happens. As it stands, jenny
has requested we stay off for at least two weeks.

> >The decision has been made. If you dont like it then take
> >it up with Jenny Edwards or the VC.
> What is this supposed to be - accountable representation?
> I would not want to bother Jenny Edwards with the machinations of progsoc -

she is already involved .. If you feel so strongly about it, form a group
of your peers and present a case to her. It probably wouldnt be that bad an

> the reconnection of ftoomsh is a matter for its admins, who should be
> taking appropriate remedial action, ASAP, not its users. What the hell are

What action has the users taken? How is Whining going to help the
reconnection of ftoomsh.


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