Re: Packet blocking between ftoomsh and outside UTS.

Tue, 16 May 95 20:46:55 EDT

From: Peter Meric +61-2-353-3889 DP13
Project Assistant - Application Solutions Consulting
ISSC Australia
Subject: Re: Packet blocking between ftoomsh and outside UTS.

Well, strong words indeed. But just think about the situation for a
second. Isn't this the sort of approach the JLP would take? Well,
whatever the answer, this type of approach will not work. We (the
ProgSoc) cannot merely blackban 'naughty' users - the classification
as to the severity and intent of the offence is difficult to gauge.
Public hangings and lynch mobs are relics of the past - the JLP would
have done nothing to keep them there. But that is a different story.

The ProgSoc has to be seen to be responsible, and if we can't secure
the machine and control its users (to a reasonable extent), then this
is the only response the ProgSoc and ITD can make.

At least the instigator for this reaction isn't the violation of
Matt K's account (or is it?)

PS. Ryan, this would have been a great opportunity for the JLP to really
show its muscle by banning infringing users for life!!! Gee, what fun
you would have had doing that!!!