Re: Optionality on E-R Diagrams

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Mon, 27 Mar 1995 13:29:41 +1000 (EST)

> From: Peter Meric +61-2-353-3889 DP13
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> Subject: Optionality on E-R Diagrams
> A quick question on the placement of the "optionality circle" on E-R
> diagrams...
> Entity A may be related to Entity B, so the optionality circle is placed
> in between the end of the line and Entity A, isn't it?
> The only other option is for the circle to be placed at the corresponding
> position next to Entity B, but I think this is unlike.
> I realise that this question may not be too clear, but it's the best
> I could do at the time...
> Thanks,
> Peter

According to Igor Hawryskiez (close enuf), the circle goes as you thought
it should. Anyway, it follows natural speech: A may be related to B
should appear entity A; optionality circle; relationship; entity B

Jon Guyer (Deadman)


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