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Matthew Hall - Kuring-gai Microshop (
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 14:37:43 +1000

At 3:44 AM 15/3/95, Ian Woolf wrote:
)On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, Tim Sadler wrote:
)> G'day,
)> It was really very simple and I feel quite stupid over it all but...
)> Even though html page only require directories to be executable to make
)> cgi's work (or at least for counter) the directories need read
)> permissions as well.
)> Don't I feel silly
)BUT I'm using the cgi-bin installed on the system by Sbug. The directory is
)readable and searchable by everyone. I have the correct path name, yet it
)still won't work, why not? Tim, could you please email me your page source?

And if you do figure it out, maybe it should go somewhere accessible, like
a ftoomsh page of its own in he progsoc hierarchy.

Or at least tell me how it works ;-)

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