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[PROGSOC-ANNOUNCE] ProgSoc Data Mining and Pizza Evening

This week, ProgSoc will play host to Matthew Beauregard, who will be
holding an informal Data Mining seminar. ProgSoc members and non-members
alike will be offered a hands-on introduction to data mining, including
exploratory, predictive modelling, and knowledge discovery techniques.

Matthew is a data miner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and previous lecturer
and tutor of Data Mining and AI subjects at UTS.

When:  Thursday, 6th September
Where: Meet outside the ProgSoc room / Tech Support desk on Level 3, and
       we'll find a room from there.
Why:   Data Mining. And pizza.

Pizza will be free for ProgSoc members ($10 for non-members who wish to
sign up on the evening).